New Tech Coming…Biomechanics of Baseball and Softball Swing

Biomechanics use in Baseball/Softball

New Tech coming to BB Sports that will allow us to not only study the Biomechanics of the Baseball and Softball Swing, but will also allow us to train our athletes to their full ability.

The biomechanics of the Baseball and Softball throwing motion have been studied and practice heavily the last have decade. We will be incorporating this into our training at BB Sports and especially our evaluation process.

Baseball and Softball movements are all movements that test the limits of the body. We have to move linear while create mass amounts of rotational force all while being able to resist forces created in order to direct it where we need it to go. This is an incredibly hard task. Doing this without knowing exactly what each body part is doing is a near impossible one.

What our New Tech does…

Our sensors will allow us to take the guesses out of the game. We will be able to calculate various body metrics by hooking up sensors to different parts of the body that will calculate data and relay it to our I-pad. Data like kinematic timing, peak rotational speed, bat and shoulder alignment, spine stability, launch quickness, swing time, bat time, bat attack angle, angular velocity, etc. will allow us to dive deeper into swings to allow for the most efficient and powerful swing.

Book Now for Limited Spots

Our tech is coming soon! Limited Evaluation slots will start the second week of March! Schedule your evaluation today! Click Here!

Stay tuned for our new training program that will be targeted for the committed athletes that want to play college or pro ball. This class will be aim for the most elite athletes in the Northern Colorado and Wyoming area. If you want to play college and pro ball, this is the program you want to be in….stay tuned!

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