10 Week Velocity and Arm Care Program

Gain ~5 mph on your throw in 10 weeks!!!

Velo stands out, whether you are a pitcher or a fielder!!

For anyone looking to improve your mechanics to get more velo and prevent injury!!

For anyone looking to increase velo, spin rate, and an explosive ball

Join Los Angeles Dodgers Aaron Oschenbein, Washington Nationals Brady Dragmire and Miami Marlins Tyler Stevens for BB Sports’ 10 week velo and arm care program.

Focus of the Program

The new MLB average is 93.4mph and the new MLB average weight is 207lbs. Size, Velocity, and Spin Rate are the new normal is the MLB

This program will work to create an efficient and nature throwing motion while developing muscle, ligaments, and tendons that are strong enough to throw the ball 90+. Giving you the ingredients to throw hard and resist injury.

The Structure of the class will go as follows

  • Date Range: Sep 21st- Nov 24th
  • Days: Tuesday and Thursday
  • Times:
    • Youth Ages 9-13: 5:30-6:45pm
    • High School Ages 14+: 6:45pm-8:00pm
  • Workout Focus
    • Week 1-2: Correcting and Creating Efficient Movements
    • Week 3-7: Strengthening, Stabilizing, and increasing range of motion
    • Week 7-10: Increasing Arm Speed and Explosiveness
  • Instructors:
    • Aaron Oschenbein- Los Angeles Dodgers
    • Brady Dragmire- Washington Nationals
    • Tyler Stevens- Miami Marlins

Velo is the new staple in todays game!! Are you gaining the necessary velocity to play at that next level? Are you doing it in a healthy way?

Join us to make sure that you are getting the training you need!!

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