What we do at BB Sports

Our goal at BB Sports is to elevate the performance level of all athletes, so they can perform at the highest level of baseball and softball competition.  We have a passion for baseball and softball and want to help all athletes prepare for the next level, along with play the sports that they are passionate about for a long time.  Whether the next level is high school, college, or professional, our instructors are qualified to train every level of athlete.

Baseball & Softball Lessons

Our facility and instructors offer personal and group lessons for all aspects of the game.  Hitting, defensive, and pitching lessons for both baseball and softball are taught at BB Sports.  Our instructors have played high school, college, and professional sports and are fully equipped to take your athletic ability to peak levels. We do both individual and group hitting instruction. Along with baseball and softball fielding instruction, we also do pitching instruction. 

Reaction Time and Hand-eye Coordination Training 

The top athletes in every sport are not only physically ready for the highest stage of play, but also mentally prepared to excel at the top level of play.  Not only do we prepare our athletes physically, but we also train them mentally to elevate their game.  Reaction time in any sport is huge and a split second lag in reaction time can separate the athlete from hitting or missing the baseball, making or getting blocked while shooting the ball, intercepting the pass or giving up a reception, and more. Our reaction time training is one of a kind and is preparing athletes to make the big play when the game is on the line.  Reaction time training is incorporated into all training sessions.  

Facility Rental

Our facility is equipped with equipment that is perfect for group or team facility rental.  Our dividable cage, pull out soft toss nets, and weight equipment allow teams to be able to split up into groups to train and not be crammed or standing around.  Our facility is perfect for all your hitting and fielding needs. 

Personal Training

Our fitness equipment allows us to train all aspects of strength training.  Our sport specific workout programs create a powerful and explosive athlete that will be ready to perform at the highest level of play.  We offer both personal and group sessions for both individual and team needs.

Team Training

Our facility is equipped with equipment that is perfect for individual, group, or team training.  For all team training we bring in two trainers to give a personalized feeling to training.  Come gain the competitive edge by training at BB Sports.

Camps & Events

BB Sports hosts regular camps for both baseball and softball for different age groups. We bring in the best coaches from all over Northern Colorado to train athletes to get better at hitting, fielding, pitching, and much more.