The BB Sports Family

BB Sports is proud to support and train some of the best athletes from Northern Colorado that have gone on to play collegiately and professionally.

Shea Bell

Garden City CC; Coker College; Trinidad Triggers; Garden City Wind

Spencer Ibarra

Neosho CC; Ohio University; Unica Unicorns

Logan Moore

Northeastern CC; Philadelphia Phillies

Andy Burns

University of Kentucky; Toronto Blue Jays; Lotte Giants

Chad Bell

Western Nevada CC; University of Louisiana Monroe; New York Yankees

JD Hammer

Navarro CC; Marshall University; Colorado Rockies; Philadelphia Phillies

Garrett Hammer

Kellogg College; New Mexico Highlands University

Zeke Hass

Northeastern CC

Kalen Hammer

Navarro CC; New Mexico Highlands University

Aaron Ochsenbein

Eastern Kentucky University; Los Angeles Dodgers

Brady Dragmire

Toronto Blue Jays; Washington National

Garrett Spaeth

Northeaster CC

Talen Townsend

Northeastern CC

Trevor Haslett

Corbin University

Tyler Stevens

University of Texas; Los Angeles Angels; Florida Marlins
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