Personal Training and Classes

We are not built the same, so why should be train the same?

Our trainers build custom programs just for you!

What do our trainers offer?

Our trainers are some of the best in Northern Colorado with backgrounds that are experienced not only in multiple fields of training, but also multiple sports backgrounds.  With a 5 pack of training, you get a free fitness screening that tests mobility, agility, and strength. We then build a custom program that is personalized for you!

Why train at BB Sports?

No matter your goal, get bigger, be healthier, throw harder, run faster, etc. BB Sports is one of the most technological advanced facilities in Northern Colorado.  Our trainers train with the most up to date techniques and styles. Reach your fitness and sports goal by coming in for your fitness screening today!

5-Pack Personal Training


per session

10-Pack Personal Training


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Personal Training for All Sports

Track/Cross Country
General Fitness (Fat Burning, Beach Body, etc.)

ELEVATE YOUR GAME! Hit more Homeruns! Dunk the Basketball! Burn the Defender! Drive the Ball Farther! More Mobility! Kick the Ball Harder! Light up the Radar Gun! Better Sprinting Times! Increase Stamina! More Explosiveness! Better One Cut Ability! Jump Higher! Lock Down Defense! Better Agility! Track Down More Fly Balls! Prevent Injury! Fight Through Defenders! Break Away Speed! ELEVATE YOUR GAME!

Complete human Fitness at BB Sports

Complete Human Performance is our complete fitness class for everyone!  No matter if you are 18 or 50, this class is aim to improve overall health and wellness! 

Complete Human Fitness Classes

Do you want to burn unwanted calories and fat?

Do you want to get the beach body you’ve been dreaming of?

Do you want to be more powerful and stronger?

Want to get a lift in while your child does their lesson?

Then Complete Human Fitness is for you!  Classes will focus full body lifts aiming to trim and cut calories/fat while building muscle.  We will help you reach all your fitness goals.  You are powerful and let us reach your fitness goals! 

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Single Session


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4 pack


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8 pack


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