Hittrax is one of the most technologically advanced systems on the market. Hittrax is a baseball/softball simulator that tracks the ball when you hit it and projects the results on to a big screen tv for your enjoyment. The systems tracks metrics for hitting, pitching/throwing, and catching. At BB Sports, we use the HitTrax system for training, indoor leagues, homerun derbies, quality hit games, recruiting, and cage rentals.

The system allows us to to dive deep into the biomechanics of the swing, throwing motion, and catching fundamentals. The ability to do this allows us to find the efficient, powerful, and consistent swing for each individual athlete.

Superior Training Technology

At BB Sports, we use the HitTrax technology to engage players and improve the amount of tools at our disposal for individuals, groups, and teams.

  • Softball and Baseball
  • Adapts to all Skill Levels
  • Live Pitching, Soft Toss, or Tee
  • Millisecond Response Time

By measuring key performance metrics, our coaches can use the HitTrax system to optimize the mechanics for our athletes for pitching, hitting, and catching.


Exit Velocity
Launch Angle
Distance of Hit
Point of Impact
Strike Zone Analysis
Spray Charts
Hard Hit Average
BA, SLG, and OPS
High Speed Video w/ integrated video analysis


Pitch Velocity
Pitch Location
Horizontal & Vertical
Late Break Measurements
Batting Average Against
Opposing Spray Charts
Strike Zone Analysis
Analysis by Pitch Type
High Speed Video w/ integrated video analysis


Arm Strength
Pop Time/Transfer Time
Exchange Time
Throw Accuracy
Caught Stealing %
Framing Analysis
Missed Strike Percentage
High Speed Video w/ integrated video analysis