BB Sports Online Training

Our head instructor Shea Bell has done over 5000 hours of coaching and video analysis.  He works with 10+ pro athletes, 20+ college athletes, and numerous high school and college athletes.  Including players such as Chad Bell(3B, Yankees), JD Hammer(P, Phillies), Aaron Ochsenbein(P, Dodgers), Shane Matheny(IF, Giants), Ben Newton(C, ECU), and so many more

What should you expect?

1) Skills and Mobility Analysis

Every client starts their first lesson with sending us 1 thing for breakdown and analysis

2) Easy Video Upload with APEX by Upper Hand

Upload your videos all within APEX just by creating an account or having us create it for you. 

You submit your video and within 48 hours you have a breakdown, analysis, and lesson plan 

3)Top of the Line Evaluations

Our evaluations are always extremely in depth.  I take the time to look at multiple angles(if provided) to find the most alarming issues.

4) Lesson Plans

Our lessons are custom to each clients…we take the same process every time to find out why we are struggling and how to get better

5) Multiple Ways to Pay

Our 3 packages allow you to train at your pace.  Find out what your doing wrong or stay consistent with multiple lessons…as low as $21 per lesson

a taste of our player improvements