12 Week Velo and Arm Care Program



Protect your arm while gaining velocity…

Our 12 Week Velocity and Arm Care Program is designed from several different Professional Organizations like the Los Angeles Dodgers, Miami Marlins, Colorado Rockies, and more. We take the best of all of those programs and mesh them together to bring the ultimate throwing program to life. Gain serious velocity while working the mechanics needed to succeed at the highest level.

We are huge believers in a strong long toss program paired with an extensive band program to create explosive movements that can withstand the forces put on the body throughout the kinematic sequence. Our program simplifies the science for you by creating consistent and power movements.

  • Increase Flexibility and Mobility
  • Increase overall Strength
  • Increase Quick Twitch and Explosive Movement
  • Decrease Chances of Injury
  • Increase Throwing Velocity and Pitching Dominance

This Program is best paired with our 12 Week Power Hitting Program or 12 Week Velo and Arm Care Program

Comes With:

  • Warm Up Series
  • Band Program
  • Plyo Warm Up
  • Post Throwing Recovery Program
  • And more