Diamond Kinetics Pitch Tracker- Softball



PitchTracker Softball, made up of the ‘Smart’ Softball and the PitchTracker Softball App, revolutionizes Softball with a comprehensive pitch analysis and charting system available right in the palm of your hand. See in-depth information previously available only with expensive hardware systems.

Captures motion data in real-time and sends it to the free PitchTracker Softball iOS app via Bluetooth
Compatible with Apple devices only
Softball memory holds up to 64 pitches when mobile device not nearby
Quickly learns the pitch types you throw and automatically tags them
Analyze your pitches on 2 core measurements including:
Spin Rate
and more with a Premium Pitcher subscription!
Manual pitch charting feature
Live, in-app Support chat 12 hours/day, 7 days/week
Video synced with pitch metrics
Connect and share swing metrics with teammates and coaches
Manage players and teams through the Groups and Connections features

Regulation Spec Softball
7 ounces, 12 inches
Yellow Leather, Green Laces


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